Facebook, Twitter And Website Each Have A Role In The Sales Funnel

With more than 500 million users, Facebook has become the major player in the social media industry. Facebook can be a powerful platform for building a community of advocates for your business to help increase word-of-mouth marketing. The first step in leveraging Facebook for business is to set up a business page.

Facebook versus Twitter

The Key To Marketing Strategies – Choose Your Keyword Carefully

A keyword is a word or phrase a web surfer enters in a search engine to locate the subject, product or services they are interested in.  As a website owner that wants attention from these searches, one should layout a keyword strategy which has specific goals.

Define a keyword strategy

Email Campaigns - Grandma Keeps Rats In The Attic

Grandma’s Lonely Story

Let's assume that there is a lonely grandma sitting at home; her husband is gone and her family lives elsewhere.  Grandma is longing for some interaction with others.  Think of our websites like that lonely grandma, which is ignored and does not have any traffic.  Grandma figures out a way to have some human interaction.  She boards her cat elsewhere for a period while she puts plates of cheese in the attic and leaves breadcrumb trails from the outside to her attic, hoping to attract some rats.

Myths And Science Of Email Campaigns

Email marketing is the original online method prior to social marketing.  Even though social media marketing is growing quickly, email is still the method that everyone uses and checks on a daily basis.  The following is a quick rundown of all the existing email campaign myths and science.

1. Myth:  Business to Business and Business to Consumer marketing are very different.

Drupal Is King Of The Mountain

If you are building search-engine-friendly Web sites and want them to be scalable, you should be using a content management system rather than building sites with plain HTML pages or Dreamweaver templates.

A content management system:


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